NeilMed Sinus Rinse Hypertonic Refill Pack

Hypertonic packets protect, clean, moisturize and soothe your delicate nasal passages.


NeilMed hypertonic nasal wash sachets will make a hypertonic (higher concentration) solution when mixed with 8 oz. (240 ml.) of water. It can also make an isotonic solution, if mixed with 16 oz. (480 ml.) of water. The box contains 70 sachets.

NeilMed's patented sachets should be used with NeilMed's 240 ml Nasal Irrigation Bottle device to achieve the best results. However you may use NeilMed's sachets with other irrigation devices as long as you mix with the correct volume of water.

Each Sinus Rinse packet contains a preservative free mixture of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate that is pH balanced. Includes detailed instructions.

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