Cleans the nose naturally, gently, and effectively. A compact and convenient nasal douche solution.


Breathe freely again with the PARI MONTESOL Nasal Douche, an intelligent device which allows you to control the nasal rinsing pressure. Compatible with the PARI MONTESOL Nasal Rinse which automatically dispenses a perfectly mixed nasal washing solution for you every time.

The automatic clearance function of the mucous membrane is often unable to cope with the growing sources of pollution in the air we breathe, containing as it does exhaust particulates, dust, suspended matter and allergens such as grass and flower pollen. Cold-like symptoms and allergies are possible consequences. Rinsing the nose once or twice a day with the PARI Montesol Nasal Douche and the PARI MONTESOL nasal solution flushes out secretions and mucus and moisturises the mucous membrane.

  • Compact and easy-to-hold
  • Made of robust plastic
  • The Nasal Douche's flexible material allows you to control the nasal rinsing pressure
  • Simple to clean - with warm water, in the dishwasher or steriliser

In this way, the natural function of a cleansed mucous membrane is improved. Allergens are rinsed out, local inflammations are alleviated, and blood circulation is stimulated. Regular nasal douches have also proven beneficial for dry noses and heavy incrustation after surgery in the area of the nose. Users often find the effect of the nasal douche very pleasant and consider it an extremely handy therapy.

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